A Bar set for a stop in Caffé “One which cannot be faulted”


An aeroplane carrying sachets of sugar, and a little bird holding napkins perched on the bar seem as if by chance they landed in the right spot, accompanied by a book with a capturing feature of a folded page, creating the reminder of the day to day menu’s offered in the Caffé. Origami was used as a kind of service, which bar tenders and baristi used to bring a smile to their customers face, enabling them to play with the memory of time.



Dimensions: 14.2x10cm

Materials: varnished iron

Product code:

AC-P-U-10 : PAPER – UCCELLINO (50.35€)

AC-P-A-11 : PAPER – AEROPLANINO (30.74€)

AC-P-P-12 : PAPER – PORTAMENU’  (48.51€)


50.35€ / 30.74€ / 48.51€